Is Teresa Giudice Goals??

Imagine having a reality TV career, dozens of fraud charges, and a bellini line (dare I say… iconic?)

Let’s talk about Teresa Giudice, another Real Housewife involved in a fraud case. Those shows are basically true crime with a glam squad.

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Now, let's continue!

Teresa Giudice has been a Real Housewife of New Jersey since its first season.

She has also been a competitive bodybuilder, “written” six books and released a line of Bellini cocktails that are no longer available — trust me I looked into it. 

Teresa was married for 20 years to Joe Giudice, an Italian business owner with whom she had four daughters. 

From 2004 to 2008, the couple engaged in all sorts of romantic activities like falsifying information to receive millions of dollars in loans and failing to file taxes. They also filed for bankruptcy soon after joining the show, claiming to owe millions to creditors.

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Teresa with her now sadly discontinued line of Bellini cocktails.

Teresa also claimed to spend $400/month on clothing, a bold claim for someone with a closet chandelier.

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