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How Serial Fraudster Billy McFarland Birthed the Infamous Fyre Festival

A classic tale of millennial greed and Instagram marketing

In the past few years, Fyre Festival has become an infamous music festival synonymous with chaos and disaster.

Hell, just the other day I went on what I would call the Fyre Festival of first dates!

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Now, let's continue!

The birther of this iconic catastrophe is serial fraudster Billy McFarland, and Fyre was not his first venture. 

While on a Halloween trip to the Bahamas with Ja Rule, McFarland came up with the idea of throwing a luxury music festival to promote the app.

It was quite ambitious — an immersive experience over two the span of weekends in the Bahamas - private jets, gourmet food, bottles, models, the whole nine. 

So how did the festival become cancelled on its first weekend, ending in eight lawsuits and two documentaries? Find out in the latest episode of SCAMDALOUS ⬇️

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