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A Scammer More Wild Than Anna Delvey?

How This So-Called "Oil Baron" Scammed Millions

This financial catfish’s scheme is bringing new meaning to the phrase: “You get what you pay for!”

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Meet the "New" Anna Delvey: Nicholas Bryant

Nicholas Bryant grew up in a small town in Texas. Even back then, he was always caught up in financial troubles. After deciding that no respectable billionaire would play at Topgolf, Nicholas and his friend thought neither should they. The pair ditched golfing to fly from Dallas to Arizona on none other than a private jet (unfourtantely Air Kim wasn’t available). I mean flying American Airlines is so not the vibe for this “baller.”

You may be wondering, for someone with money problems, how could he afford a PJ? If you guessed wired fraud – you are correct!

Thus, Nicholas began his scheme of booking goods and services, paying through platforms like Quickbooks, and then canceling the payments before any money was sent.

All-in-all, Nicholas is estimated to have stole $1.5 million in his fraud scheme.

But, Nicholas’ scheme went beyond just businesses. He of course catfished people out of money by pretending to be a recently cut-off, down on his luck son of an oil baron. From racking up free trips, cars, and cash to racking up criminal charges, Nicholas Bryant’s scam came to end with a free trip to prison… for 20 years.

Watch the full SCAMDALOUS episode for Nicholas’ full story and also his thoughts on being compared to other fraudsters.

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Nicholas' scam by the numbers:

  • $1.5 million total in his fraud scheme

  • At least 17 private jet flights taken

  • 5 luxury cars (worth $500,000) obtained

  • Numerous high-end hotels stayed in

  • Half a day spent on a 90-foot yacht with friends (where he demanded a steak and champagne dinner)

  • $980,000 Bryant convinced a developer to use to build a home with a pool and workshop (never paid)

Nicholas Bryant living that PJ lifestyle (Image Source: Hayden Eggemeyer)

"Fools crazy"... and so is wired fraud Nicholas! (Source: Handout)

Nicholas told the Daily Beast that the allegations against him "are pretty much true." Here's some more great quotes he gave to the publication:

“By far my most favorite trip was to [Turks] and Caicos. I spent two weeks on the island from fishing to sailing yachts. I stayed in a $30,000-a-night house. It was amazing,”

- Nicholas Bryant on his favorite trip

"I took private jets and stayed at the most expensive Airbnbs and hotels. Went deep sea fishing and toured everything that was possible... I bought and drove five different high-end cars.”

- Nicholas Bryant on his favorite activities

“My story might be more wild than [Anna Delvey and Frank Abagnale]! I can almost guarantee it!”

- Nicholas Bryant on comparisons to other scammers

“It was fun, but I definitely do regret it. A lot of these companies are good, hard-working people. They built these companies up and it’s hard to take a $100,000 loss. And I did that to 50 people.”

- Nicholas Bryan reflecting on his actions

“It’s definitely weird to look at pictures and think wow I was just living in the moment.” - Nicholas Bryant via Daily Beast

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