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Notorious Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli

An overconfident millennial starting a biotechnology company? What could go wrong?

Pour yourself a drink and take an overpriced painkiller, because we’re talking about notorious Pharma bro Martin Shkreli.

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Part 1 of the Martin Shkreli Story

Martin Shkreli came from surprisingly humble beginnings, being raised in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, by Albanian and Croatian immigrant parents who both worked as janitors. 

Martin was clearly a bright kid with an interest in science and finance. He attended Hunter College, a competitive Upper East Side high school, but was kicked out before he got the chance to graduate. 

Martin ended up completing his studies at City-As-School High School, landing a hedge fund internship, receiving a business degree from Baruch College, and spending a handful of years working in finance. 

Shkreli spent a lot of his career shorting stocks, which is essentially betting against a stock. It’s like going to a wedding and your plus one that the couple is going to get divorced. 

He soon started his own hedge fund MSMB Capital Management in 2009 and founded Retrophin under the MSMB umbrella with the mission of creating treatments for rare diseases.

An overconfident millennial starting a biotechnology company? What could go wrong? Click below to find out in the latest episode of SCAMDALOUS ⬇️

Part 2 of the Martin Shkreli Story

Unsurprisingly, the tale of infamous Pharma bro Martin Shkreli does not end when he was found guilty for securities fraud.

In August 2017, Shkreli was free on $5 million bail while he awaited sentencing. After his bail was revoked because of what the judge claimed was a solicitation to assault — a Facebook post about Hillary Clinton — his sentence came in: He was to serve a 7 year sentence and forfeit more than $7.3 million in assets.

All the while, something unexpected was happening. It was later revealed that Shkreli had supposedly fallen in love. Who’s the lucky lady, you ask? Christie Smythe, the reporter who broke the news of Shkreli’s arrest. 

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