Inventing Anna Season 2??

Your honor, she’s slaying!

Having a high-profile *scamming* client is any lawyer's dream. But taking your “birth month” off from work is just fabulous… well, maybe not from your client’s perspective.

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Meet Anna Delvey’s Disbarred Lawyer: Audrey A. Thomas

It’s one thing to represent notorious socialite scammer Anna Delvey, but to get caught red-handed for scamming other clients? This is not the law school curriculum Elle Woods taught me!

Anna Delvey’s former lawyer, Audrey A. Thomas, has been disbarred for her decade-old scam. She allegedly misappropriated $600,000 of her elderly client funds during an apartment sale. Audrey used the cash to promote herself as an author and radio show host. Because everyone knows just being a lawyer doesn’t cut it. Lawyer-author-radio show host has a better ring to it!

When confronted about the missing money, Audrey pinky-swore to return it all through a payment plan, but those payments stopped in 2018. She was brought before a disciplinary hearing and is now facing prison time.

I just know Netflix is salivating at the idea of a new show about a scammer’s former lawyer caught running her scam. It’s priceless and ironic. We love to see it!

Watch the full SCAMDALOUS episode to see the verdict on Audrey's scam and a walk through Anna and Audrey’s chaotic history together as well. 

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A drawing titled "How to Get Disbarred in 10 Days" by Anna Sorokin, inspired by Audrey A. Thomas

An interesting quote from Audrey 🗣

"Just remember I may not be admitted to practice law anymore but there's nothing to stop me from appearing pro se," she said in a text message "Tell Anna I said he who laughs last laughs the best. I AM still Audrey A Thomas AKA Sandy!!!!!!!!"

- Audrey A. Thomas in a statement to Insider

And don't worry, you can still purchase Audrey's book at your local Barnes and Noble! (Click the image to see for yourself!)

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